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100% pure silver, like gold, will not tarnish. However, 100% silver is too soft to make anything from it. High quality sterling silver is what is called .925 silver, meaning that 92.5% of the composition is silver and the other 7.5% are other metals to stabilize the silver so it can be make into jewelry, spoons or other items. All of our silver jewelry is .925 sterling silver, the highest quality we can get.

Sterling silver .925 will tarnish with time, humidity, cosmetics and lotions. The best way to keep your jewelry from tarnishing is to clean it after use and store it with a tarnish-reducing tab. One tab is given with each silver jewelry purchase. Additional tabs can be purchased here. Scroll down on this page to find all our jewelry care products.

A silver polishing cloth can be used for light cleaning. Clasp the cloth around the chain and pull it through the cloth. You will see the dark marks on the cloth. Use a new cloth once the cloth is filled on both sides with the dark streaks. Sterling silver can be brought back to a full shine in seconds using a liquid silver jewelry cleaner such as Connoisseurs. Follow the manufacturer instructions for use. Use these products sparingly as they contain chemicals and actually take off a microscopic layer of silver from the jewelry. 

For a natural alternative, place tin foil in a baking dish, lay silver jewelry so each piece touches the foil, pour boiling water to cover the jewelry and sprinkle baking soda generously over everything. The tarnish will be removed and stick to the foil without striping any silver from the jewelry.

The beauty of 14K gold is that it is nearly maintenance free. However, follow this simple cleaning technique to keep your gold looking brilliant. All you need is warm water, dish soap, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Air dry and polish with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Store each piece separately in a pouch to avoid scratches and tangling with other jewelry. For sterling silver jewelry, place a tarnish-reducing tab in each pouch to reduce tarnishing. Keep your jewelry away from excessive heat and moisture. 

Don’t forget to re-use the Sincerely Chain Co. jewelry box for storing your pieces.